How is it that I have faith in something 
always changing? Changing bright
things rise until the miracles
they have stored up fly to sea.

Excerpt from the poem, "1830: the housemaid reads the harbor instead of ironing"


Anna Murray Douglass

“What does it mean to be a “free” Black woman, washing away the stains of poverty? Not enough money to increase her security as wife of the famous abolitionist. Freedom fighter. Frederick Douglass. She. Undiscovered Black woman. She. ANNA. She. MURRAY. Mother (holy). Mary (holy). Mate. Magical (hands stitching up a house from floods and poverty and arson). Mover.”

by Sonia Sanchez, from the Introduction
Brief Evidence of Heaven

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Cover Art: "Betrayal," by Theodore Harris

   Finalist, Phillis Wheatley Prize, 2015

Brief Evidence of Heaven:
Poems from the Life of
 Anna Murray Douglass

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Whirlwind Press

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on my way somewhere else I
stepped into this mirror I
see everything multiplied my
eyes to the glass bowl of the world

Excerpt from "multiplied" by M. Nzadi Keita

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